Welcome to shaydee5’s blog! Not exactly sure yet how much or how often I will be blogging. I’m expecting that as there are musings on things I’m peeved about, obsessed about, annoyed about, or happy about, then I will post something out here. If I do, look for a tweet with a link to the post, or click MENU to see and select posts.

DISCLAIMER: The contents of this blog are my opinions and mine alone. They do not represent the views of any medical organizations, political parties or organizations, or any for-profit companies or entities. I am exercising my right to free speech as a US citizen. If you do not agree with my views, do not leave disparaging commentary. It will be removed and you will be blocked.

In addition, any advertisements you see on pages and posts are placed there by WordPress and in no way represent an endorsement by me.

Thank you.

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