Weight and MS

I apologize to the few of my followers who may have been looking for me to post to my blog but haven’t. Some of it is due to time limitations; some of it because of frustration with using the WordPress tool on my “smart” phone; or because I didn’t have too much to say. But today, I have something to discuss.

The last few days, hubby and I have been having a debate. I believe he committed the cardinal sin by telling me that I should lose weight, although he qualified it by adding that he thought I would walk better if I did.

Now I’m not the smallest I’ve ever been in my life, nor am I the heaviest I’ve ever been. In fact, by some standards, I’m not even that “big”. I stand between 5 feet 9-10 inches tall, and I will admit I weigh between 165-175 pounds. Some women would never provide that information, but given my height, I think I’m within normal standards.

If you also factor that some of the additional weight is due to not being active as I could be because of the MS, then I think I’m still doing pretty good.

The debate is kind of a chicken-egg argument. To me, and only I can make this claim, the walking issue is solely due to the MS. It’s in my brain, not my hips. Due to the myelin damage, nerve signals aren’t being sent to my left leg; my left leg doesn’t lift the way it should; I walk slower than normal, thus I’m not as active; I gain weight because of lack of activity. That’s my premise.

To hubby, as he said this morning, if I lost weight, then I could walk faster and could jump around like a Spring chicken (that’s a Jamaican term, in case you were wondering).

While losing weight could take some stress off of my knees and other joints, I don’t think it will help how the nerves signals are being conducted, thus I’ll still be walking slowly with a cane just as I am now.

Yes, I’m sure he means well. In fact, I know he means well. I’m sure I wouldn’t be in the condition I’m in now if it weren’t for his research and other things he’s found out that have kept my general health in good condition. I just think he may be a bit misguided on this one. Any thoughts? I’d love to hear what others think about this. Thanks!


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