My New Year’s Resolutions…A Lot Late

I’m not one who normally makes New Year’s resolutions, mainly because to me, one year just rolls into the next one. I’m usually more focused on when my W2 form will show up so I can do my taxes and get my refund.

For some reason, this morning the thought came to me that there are a few things I can consider looking at anew. Maybe it’s due to age; maybe it’s because I’ve learned a thing or two over the past year. Whatever the reason, maybe you will find a few of these tidbits worthwhile.

1) Focus on the things you can control

This is my top resolution, and is part of an effort to get myself more organized. Between November and December, I spent a lot of time going through and discarding old papers, cleaning off my dresser, and organizing my closet. This may seem normal and mundane, but this was major for me. I’m one of those people who tends to feel helpless and overwhelmed when there are too many things piling up. My husband and I get swamped with junk mail that just keeps growing and growing. I reached the breaking point in November and decided to clear out and organize what I could. It was refreshing.

Bottom line: focus on the things I have control over, and don’t get annoyed about the things I can’t control. If it’s junk, get rid of it. I’ll probably never read it at any point in the future, so why keep it hanging around?

2) Keep laughing

This is really my husband’s resolution, and he based it on me. I LOVE to laugh.  I love comedy, comedians, silly stuff, giggling for no reason, anything that makes me to laugh. Maybe that has helped me deal better with my condition. One of my doctor’s notes described me as “pleasant”. I guess that’s an accurate assessment.

Now, I’m not going around acting goofy or anything, and I also TV dramas and gangster flicks and true crime stories, which probably seems paradoxical, but I think my love of all things funny balances my love of things bordering on morbid.

Bottom line: learn and love to laugh. It will make you feel better.

3) I had a third resolution, but I can’t remember…oh, I remember…WRITE IT DOWN!

I sometimes have great ideas, but they usually only get as far as my head. If I write them down, I can act on them. I now have a small notepad…not an electronic one, a real one. It takes too long to figure out the app on my smartphone for me to write a note, then remember that I need to go back into the app to figure out what I wrote, let alone remember which app I used to write the note. So I use a real notepad. And I periodically check it to remind myself of the ideas that I have, as well as the numerous doctors appointments that I have, but that’s another story.

Bottom line: jot down ideas that you don’t want to forget so they can be acted upon, otherwise, they’ll never happen.

That’s just a few of the things I’ve committed to doing this year. I’m sure there are other things I can consider adding, but why try to handle more than I can manage? At least I thought of something to change this year! 😀


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